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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mark Hurst, one of the 42 authors of the free UX Storytellers eBook, has posted the following video in his article called Life stories told through Facebook and Google.

Mark writes:

Surprisingly effective, "A Life on Facebook" tells the story of one man's entire adult life - solely through the Facebook interface.

It is a nice video and an entertaining idea, though the Facebook interface seems sort of limited. Authors like Neal Stephenson nowadays try to use the full spectrum of the web. In an article entitled, How Neal Stephenson’s The Mongoliad is Revolutionizing Immersive Online Storytelling, readers are introduced to The Mongolia project.

The Mongoliad seems to have been largely overlooked by the publishing Establishment. Perhaps it’s the name. Perhaps it’s the knights and swords. Perhaps because it’s from a bunch of SF writers and outside the science fiction imprints this style gets short shrift from the literati. Perhaps people just don’t care. This is a mistake. The Mongoliad is one of the most radical experiments in the history of publishing and writing that, if it works, could reshape the nature of both for generations.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Here is the direct link to the project:

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