Children, Technology and Storytelling (and ALL CAPS)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I came along this short but very nice blog post: PLEASE PASS THE POPSICLES...AND THE STORYTELLING LEGACY, by Tami Morrison.

If we allow our children to participate in photographing and documenting the things that are meaningful to them – the significant routines, experiences, locations, favorites, and things that spark their curiosity – they stand to gain lifelong skills of awareness and gratitude. As a bonus, we get to include an additional layer to our collective family chronicles: the unique point of view of a child.

Tami goes on to write...

Kids are naturally inquisitive and creative. Helping them become lifelong storytellers is as simple as offering them a camera (even the disposable kind will do), some supplies from the scrap pile, and the space and encouragement to express themselves.

Well put!

And now for something completely different... when will bloggers finally learn how to use CSS to make all caps (if you have to have ALL CAPS at all...)?

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