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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Browsing the Web (for research of course, not merely for fun), I stumbled across this article from 2006: Narrative presentation and building brands.

Let me quote a few lines from the above mentioned article....

Everyone loves reading or hearing a good story. Recent research shows there is a reason stories are so captivating. A story is an information processing strategy – narrative processing. (...) The narrative stories we build as we experience the world provide a reliable way to organize our plans of action. By using narratives that we store in memory, we are able to interpret the world around us and make decisions about the future.

And the article continues:

What may be even more interesting to those of us in the usability field is the impact that stories have on the way we do our work. When we use stories (personas, scenarios) in our user-centered design processes we are using a powerful method that fits the way people think, learn, and process information. We have always noticed that when we use stories this way it helps get buy-in from stakeholders and developers involved in the design process.

Yeah, stories are great. We are looking forward to reading yours.

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