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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The other day we crossed the 100.000 downloads benchmark. Isn't that amazing? A big thank you goes out to all the authors who contributed to this project. Another big thank you goes out to the entire team that worked on this project for almost a year - back in 2010. And of course: a big thank you to you, dear readers. Thanks for downloading this free eBook.

Hey, why not repost parts of the actual UX Storytellers foreward? Here we go:

I contacted many potential authors, and over the next 10 months, we—Jutta, Stephen and I—set about collecting and reading stories. Reading and re-reading them. And re-reading them again. Sending suggestions back to the authors who were so generous to submit a story for this book. And so on. Finally, we ended up with 42 extraordinary authors, all people I admire and look up to. Take a look at their lives, their books, their blogs, and their achievements. Jaw-dropping, isn’t it? You can’ t help but be astonished and inspired. Not only are they leading experts in UX and related fields with strange acronyms, but they are also the most wonderful people. Please take the time to read and truly listen to their stories in this book—or in person, if you happen to bump into them at one of the many conferences that take place around the world nowadays. Dear authors: I salute you.

Moreover, a special thank you must be said to all the non-English speaking authors who had the additional challenge of writing in English, but kept at it and delivered really marvellous stories. We have carefully polished their stories while retaining the local flavour—always wary of reducing them to bland uniformity.

Why are there so few female authors in this book? Well, I can assure you I honestly tried to contact as many female authors as I could think of (ok, there was a bottleneck right there). I am all the more grateful for the contributions of Andrea Rosenbusch (Switzerland), Colleen Jones (USA), Deborah Mayhew (USA), Marianne Sweeny (USA), Olga Revilla (Spain) and Sylvie Daumal (France).

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