"UX Goes Viral" by Jiri Mzourek

Monday, October 7, 2013

Warning—UX May Be Contagious Yep, I’ve been infected, and if you continue reading this story, you run the risk of becoming a little infected, too. Or you may realize that you already have been, or that you would like to be, at least. Did I mention that you’re proceeding at your own risk? Please reconsider. There is no way back.

Beware Of the Symptoms So you’re still reading? Great! But I did warn you. Do you remember your first cigarette? The first time you had sex? Your first taste of foie gras? The first person you fired or the first time you got fired? It changed your life, didn’t it? Nothing was ever the same again. You started to look at things a little bit differently. And there was no way to get back. Get back your virginity, your innocence. It’s the same with this disease. Once you’ve got it, there’s no one who can help you to get back. ...

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