"Sex, Drugs and UX"
by Jason Hobbs

Friday, September 27, 2013

The truth is, that for the better or worse of my design, I’ve never read a book about UX. Not in my thirteen years of practicing. I’ve started reading many of the books, but I get a few chapters in and I start looking elsewhere for the kind of fiction I prefer to spend my time reading. It’s not that the UX books or their authors aren’t any good, it’s just that— and how do I put this diplomatically—doing UX is about as much fun as I can have sober, but reading about UX is duller than watching paint dry.

I wonder then, is it not just a little hypocritical to expect you to read my story about UX, when quite frankly, I wouldn’t be likely to do the same myself. My plan is to try not to write about UX at all, but rather to tell you sordid stories of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, that will be much more interesting and entertaining. It would be for me anyway, when I was younger I wanted to write porn for a living …

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