UX Storytellers - Testing 123

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here in Berlin, so we went to the park to give the baby some light and to enjoy the multicolored fall atmosphere.

I took the UX Storytellers ebook with me (still in beta - the current version: v0.96) and read a few stories on a comfy park bench.

The reading experience was ok. I think the main problem is the iPad, not the ebook. It's like looking into a mirror. Is the iPad not supposed to be used outdoors, Mr. Jobs?

The Kindle is supposed to be much better for outdoor reading. I am curious how that will work out. But first I need to get a Kindle.

A Sponsor who wants to donate me an Amazon Kindle (WiFi) in return for putting his logo on this page may email me :)

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