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Thursday, January 1, 2009

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The story behind the redesign of Guardian Jobs

As Information Architect at Guardian News & Media, I've contributed a chapter entitled "Using the right tools for the job". It tells the story of last year's redesign of the Guardian Jobs homepage. The key elements of the tale are...

Userfocus Usability Newsletter, November 2010

The Fable of the User Centered Designer has been selected for inclusion in a great book edited by Jan Jursa, titled 'UX Storytellers – Connecting the Dots'. As well as the Fable, the book includes over 40 additional stories on the topic of life as a User Experience professional by luminaries such as Aaron Marcus, Deborah Mayhew and Mark Hurst. And best of all, it's free....

My chapter in the book: UX Storytellers - Connecting the Dots

As a contributing author and an industry practitioner, I am happy to see the book, UX Storytellers- Connecting the dots, finally out and it looks great. The book is a collection of forty two stories contributed by various user experience experts from around the globe, each of whom share a particular real (or based on a real) experience of theirs working in their respective areas of expertise within the UX domain. Some of my favorite authors in the book include....

Around the Web: UX Storytellers, Failure by Design, & Longform

Handpicked by Chrissie...

UX Storytellers: My Story about Wet Cats and Openbravo

A while ago I was invited to write a story related to the User Experience domain in order to publish it in a book together with stories of other user experience professionals from around the world. Although I am still alive :-) I felt flattered to write my "mémoirs" and grabbed the opportunity to share what I have learned in my career...

November update

My contribution relates a painful defeat at the hands of mysterious statistical forces. Other authors include Andrew Hinton, Martin Belam and Andrea Resmini, and my early impressions are that it’s a skillfully-compiled and interesting book, well worth your attention...

Stories told by UX professionals

When working with people you collect a lot of stories about and around your profession. Jan Jursa, a good friend of us, has collected 42 such stories in a free eBook UX Storytellers. People he met at different UX conferences and events have contributed to this project, among whom are names that you may already know (Dave Malouf, Mark Hurst, Henning Brau, to name a few) and a lot that at least I have not yet heard of...

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