The Psychology of Storytelling

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is a great article: The Psychology of Storytelling: 10 Proven Ways to Create Better Stories (and Why Stories Sell).

Of course Storytelling is almost nothing but psychology. But, as always, you have to know the rules to become a true master of the game. In The Psychology of Storytelling the author, writes...

The “cliffhanger” just may be the oldest trick in the writing book, especially writing for television, but there is a reason why it’s used so often… It works! Despite our numerous exposure to this method, our brain just can’t “get over” suspenseful moments: it’s a relationship that just won’t die, we will always want to know what happens next! In fact, suspense works so well that the hotly debated Zeigarnik Effect would have you believe that it’s the best way to kill procrastination.

A wonderful read. Definitely give it a try.

(Image: Hannah Arendt)

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