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Friday, August 20, 2010

Have you heard about Twitter Tales?

How do you use Twitter? We asked dozens of our users that exact question. What resulted from their responses is a series of quirky and inspiring articles. We call them Twitter Tales.

A recent tales is, for example, this one: Days are long, months feel safe. But the years, the years seem to be on the run:

When Natasha Badhwar created her @natashabadhwar Twitter account in June 2009, she used the service as a quiet and personal safe haven of sorts. It became an escape from other spaces, which seemed cluttered with superficial concerns and hollow outrage. Here, she could ask questions. She could seek change. She could give a voice to her innermost self. “I used Twitter to be honest, to express the core of my feelings and experiences,” Natasha, a New Delhi-based mother of three, filmmaker, photographer, writer, and self-described compulsive multitasker, explains.

There are some nice tales and stories in there. Have a look at it...

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