Two Kinds Of Power

Friday, June 11, 2010

This, dear friends, is a long but very interesting article: The Story of Two Kinds Of Power by Steve Denning. Steve Denning, as you probably may know, is the author of many books such as The Leader's Guide to Storytelling or The Springboard. How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations.

I took me a very long time in my life to understand that there are two types of power in the world. One of them looks very strong, but is actually quite weak and temporary. The other kind of power looks very weak and ephemeral, but is actually very strong and enduring. What I eventually figured out is that if you want to get something done in the world, something that is big and important, you need to understand the second type of power.

The power Steve Denning is talking about is the power of commitment. You don't need a formal position or a large team to make something happen. But you certainly have to be committed to your idea.

...there are these two types of power. There is the institutional power which is corrupting and largely worthless. And there is the other type of power which is enriching and fulfilling and requires courage.

The article is certainly worth reading. Oh, and there is a great quote at the end: in life, there are at least two games. Finite games are played for the purpose of winning. And infinite games which are played for the purpose of continuing to play.

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