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Monday, February 15, 2010

I started re-reading On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King.

It's a good book. I like it a lot. It has some adult language - as they say in the US, I think (in Germany you say it's X-rated and in the Czech Republic you simply say it's good!).

There is a nice paragraph right at the beginning:

When you write a story, you're telling yourself the story, when you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story.

There is a very good blog post by Stephen King himself from 2005: Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully: in Ten Minutes.

You want to write a story? Fine. Put away your dictionary, your encyclopedias, your World Almanac, and your thesaurus. (...) Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. (...) When you sit down to write, write. Don't do anything else except go to the bathroom, and only do that if it absolutely cannot be put off.

Oh, speaking of the bathroom... I have to go.

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